Hallel CD

Hallel CD


This collection of Psalms specifically known as the Hallel is recited at the Biblical festivals to remind us of God faithfulness. Teshuva has taken these 6 psalms and put them to music with the aid of longtime friend and producer Ruslan Odnoralov. Ash to Riches Psalm 113 shows God’s faithful hand as he raises the poor and needy from the ash heap. You Heard Me Psalm 116 is an intimate look into band member Caleb Spears journey of child loss and draws parallels to God’s faithfulness even in trial. Salvation Psalm 118 expresses band Father Ken Spears 4 year old vision to help people see Messiah in the old testament. Hallel is the Hebrew word for boastful vibrant praise. These songs aim to live up to their namesake!

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  1. Ash to Riches (Psalm 113)

  2. Tremble Oh Earth (Psalm 114)

  3. Trust in God (Psalm 115)

  4. You Heard Me (Psalm 116)

  5. All the Nations (Psalm 117)

  6. Salvation (Psalm 118)